VOS created products that help you thrive beyond your outer layer, nourishing both body and mind.


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Reasons to promote VOS products

At VOS, we transcend the ordinary notions of natural skin care and body care, delving into the realm of aromatherapy to redefine plant-powered and oil-based products. Our mission is to revolutionize the skin care game by harnessing the true potential of natural, truly-good-for-you ingredients to yield long-lasting, transformative results.

Founded in Canada, our formulations are guided by the expertise of certified aromatherapists and skin care professionals to craft products that embody the best of both nature and science. Each product is a testament to our commitment to holistic well-being, meticulously enriched with thoughtful essential oil blends.

VOS products are made for everyone, appealing to a wide audience. From the scent to texture to packaging, our products are designed to be gender-inclusive and complement all lifestyles and skin care needs.

Most importantly, VOS checks all the boxes for the things that matter most: we proudly wear our cruelty-free badge with pride, and our products are free of harmful ingredients like synthetic oils, artificial coloring, parabens, harmful aluminum, and SLS. You can feel good about promoting a brand that stands behind clean skin care, knowing that you are making a meaningful difference in helping people make the switch to better products that make a lasting impact on their well-being.


Since our launch in February 2023, VOS has rapidly gained over 1,000 customers in the span of just three months. Bolstered by a growing email database of around 150k subscribers, we’re excited to continue fostering a robust community of natural health and wellness enthusiasts who genuinely adore and believe in our products.

Join the VOS family as we continuously expand our offerings, providing a comprehensive range of plant-based skin care and body care products that empower individuals to flourish and thrive in their daily lives. With full support from the VOS team, you’ll play a vital role in promoting natural wellness, nurturing healthier routines, and helping people make better, informed choices about what goes into their skin.

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Competitive commission rates and exclusive discounts to offer your follower base.

Full support from the brand’s team to help you grow and manage sales.

A large, thriving community interested in and committed to natural health and wellness.

Promotion of in-demand products that deliver real results and genuinely benefit customers.

Our Products

VOS offers a range of natural, plant-based skin care and body care products, including our best-selling natural deodorants, face serums, massage oil, and toning oil. We have a growing selection of products that complement are gender-inclusive and complement all skin types and lifestyles.


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Competitive commission rate of 7%.

Goods returned within the 30-day return period will not be eligible for a commission payout.

The commission is calculated on the net transaction amount after deducting VAT, P&P, and any applicable discounts.

VOS Body is open to exploring the possibility of exclusive commissions and incentives for appropriate levels of exposure. If you would like to be considered, please contact us.

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