Voted 5 stars for customer service, value for money and speed of response by our customers. We offer the fastest response time in the industry with the average being just 36 minutes.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


QDOS Breakdown Affiliate Programme

Welcome to QDOS Rescue Services Affiliate Programme

We are the up and coming company for UK and European vehicle breakdown cover.

We are predominantly based on the internet and enjoy high conversion rates for offering a quality product and at a reasonable price on our bespoke user friendly ecommerce website.

In March 2015 we launched our new and unique "One Call" policy which offers an extra 40-50% off all our premiums for customers who choose to restrict the call-outs on their policy.  This is proving extremely popular with people who are looking for peace of mind without the expense!

NEW!  From February 2016 we now give our customers unlimited callouts per year rather than 6 for no extra cost!

What our affiliates get:

  • Commission: 15% of total sale value.
  • Advice and support from the Affiliate Window and QDOS ecommerce team to help improve your sales
  • The opportunity to associate your website and business with QDOS Rescue Services, an exciting new up and coming brand.
  • The chance to earn from our incentives and promotions.
  • A wide range of content and banners available.
  • Please note commission is not paid on policy renewals.

NOTE!! We will discuss potential commission increases for high-performing affiliates.

What our customers get:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Fastest independently assessed assistance arrival time (36 minutes).
  • Cover starting from £11.99.
  • Annual UK and EU policies, as well as single trip policies for holidays across Europe.
  • Some of the most competitive prices in the industry across our complete range of products.
  • Covering more risks than most standard breakdown policies; including accident recovery and running out of fuel or using the wrong fuel.
  • Simple and easy to use bespoke ecommerce website.


Product in the Market

QDOS provide cover 365 days a year 24 hours a day.  We cover a wide range of risks and cover vehicles (including vans and motorcycles) up to 16 years old.  We have the fastest independently assessed response time in the market.  On our vehicle cover products we offer unlimited callouts during the policy term.

We differentiate ourselves in the market through quality of product and service at affordable prices (significantly cheaper than leading brands, but with the same level of cover or better).

Our policies are flexible so a customer can choose to insure the vehicle (which will cover all drivers of the vehicle) or themselves (which will cover all vehicles they travel in, provided they do not exceed the policy limitations). There are dual vehicle and joint personal options too.

Standard cover provides up to one hour’s assistance at the roadside and recovery to a garage near to a breakdown.  Assistance at the home and within a mile of the home can be added as well as national recovery and onward journey (which may include bed and breakfast accommodation or the hire of an alternative vehicle).


Important PPC Requirement!

Signing up to promote the QDOS Rescue Services brand within the affiliate channel you are agreeing their PPC terms and conditions. Regular audits are undertaken by both Affiliate Window and the QDOS to ensure compliance.

Affiliates may not bid/appear on QDOS trademarks, misspellings, variations of QDOS’s trademarks or branded product terms (e.g. QDOS Breakdown Cover) on all internet search engines in paid search positions unless the Affiliate is invited to join a closed brand bidding group. Any unauthorised Affiliate found contravening this will be removed from the QDOS Affiliate Programme and all associated Commission shall be void.

Important Compliance Requirement!

When you sign up to promote QDOS Rescue Services as an affiliate you agree to keep all point of sale information on your site up to date. You must ensure that any listed prices/discounts/content is updated within 7 days from the date the changes have been communicated to you. Failure to update this information will lead to you being suspended from the programme. QDOS Rescue Services operates a strict two strikes and you are out policy. Regular audits are undertaken by both Affiliate Window and QDOS Rescue Services to ensure compliance.