Buy Me Once is a mission-led e-commerce platform; we sell the longest lasting and best quality products showcasing unique brands across multiple categories. We are working to end waste through product longevity.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Buy Me Once Affiliate Programme

Become our partner and help us change the way the world shops!

Buy Me Once sells the longest-lasting and highest quality products on the planet. We currently sell over 900 extraordinary products from over 100+ unique brands covering a range of categories from Kitchen and Home to Electronics and Clothing. 

We’re on a mission to end our throwaway culture - to support us is to support the environment and the businesses who are trying to make a difference. You can read more about us here.

Are you right for our programme?

We are interested in working with influencers/creators, websites, publishers and technology-based shopping solutions who really care about the products they promote. We’re looking for real, honest, high-quality content covering: lifestyle, home, kitchen, fashion and sustainability.

Why become a partner?

  • You’ll receive 4% commission on any sale you introduce within 30 days, higher rates are available for increased exposure
  • We’ll share creative assets you can use to promote our products 
  • You’ll get regular newsletters to keep you up to date with new products, best sellers, and promotions
  • Opportunity to test out products yourself