College Insights specializes in personal and powerful college admissions support. We are starting our 8th year of supporting students from grades 8-12 in academic advising, financial aid and scholarship help, and applying to colleges.


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College Insights is on a mission to offer students from all economic backgrounds the chance at a college education without coming out in massive debt. We do this by creating courses and other services to assist students and their parents through this complicated process and help them use the complex education system to their advantage, while providing step-by-step guidance and deadlines. After almost 10 years in business, College Insights still has a 100% acceptance rate for students going to their choice-college and gets a minimum of $5 million dollars in scholarships for our students each year.

Not only do we want to make a positive impact through products, but we put giving back at the heart of our business model. We offer free services to 5 families a year who can’t afford our services and would be unable to attend college otherwise.

Press Mentions:
College Insights has been featured in numerous publications like The Huff Post, Lending Tree, The Street, How to Money, The Scholarship System, Affordable Colleges, and College Covered. Winners of the 2020 Best Education Company (Sammamish).

College Insights has seen hyperbolic growth in sales since the company was founded. Over the last 18 months, we have expanded our product range from one-on-one consulting services to include online courses to provide access to our years of experience and proven systems to families from any location and from any background. Early next year, we will expand to live online courses and conferences. Join College Insights as we rapidly expand our offerings and feel good in the knowledge that you are helping to make a difference by doing so rather than just helping promote a commodity product. 

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Our Products
We offer extensive courses to assist students and parents in getting through the college admissions process. We are expanding into conferences and live online courses within the next 12 months.

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