Koso Med Health Food Products are based on a century old Traditional Handmade Fermentation Science and on “KOSO” (Japanese) which represent our 52 friendly bacteria and are only harvested in Japan.


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Name: Koso Med Health Food Products

Overview: Koso Med Health Food Products is a Japanese-based health food company that specialises in traditional handmade fermentation science. Their products are based on the concept of "KOSO," which represents their 52 friendly bacteria, and are only harvested in Japan. All of their fruits, vegetables, and edible herbs are grown organically on their farms in Japan. Their patented 1-year plus fermentation process ensures natural preservation and keeps the products farm fresh. Koso Med Health Food Products do not use any chemical alterations or synthetic substances, which allows their active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics to be delivered alive.

Products: Koso Med Health Food Products offers a wide range of health food products that are made using their patented 1-year plus fermentation process. Some of their popular products include aged turmeric root, aloe arborescens, papaya, ginkgo biloba leaf, and other fermented foods that are linked to the reason for Japanese people's longest lifespan and health. Koso Med Health Food Products employs a wide range of probiotics, prebiotics, and beneficial friendly bacteria in their fermentation science.

Methods: Koso Med Health Food Products' fermentation process is based on four methods:

Nature: They organically grow and select the optimal produce and herbs based on their nutritional and constituent value. Starting with the highest-grade and real ingredients is key.

Handmade: Their science is founded on a century-old HANDMADE fermentation process in Japan using the highest sanitary practices. This is patented and not trademarked. Fermentation allows the vital nutrients to be broken down into micro nutrients for greater nutritional value.

No Heat: They use no heat in the process, which preserves all the live active enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients, friendly bacteria, and nutrients.

One-Year Plus Fermentation: All their ingredients are made with their patented process and fermented for over one year using 52 micronutrients (friendly bacteria) harvested from soil microbes. This ensures that all the potential nutrients of the ingredients will be unlocked, and the product can be aged and preserved properly.

Benefits: Koso Med Health Food Products' fermentation process ensures that their products are packed with live active enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients, friendly bacteria, and nutrients that are essential for a healthy immune system. Their natural preservation process keeps the products farm fresh, which is essential for delivering the best quality products to their customers. Koso Med Health Food Products are the perfect alternative to synthetic supplements, as they are delivered alive and are easily absorbed by the body.

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