Summary offer giant savings on the largest range of the latest and best mobile phones on the market. We have mobiles from all major manufacturers, and offer exclusive handsets, giving you the opportunity to get the very best offer in mobile technology.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days

e2save Affiliate Programme

Who are e2save?

An online trading name of The Carphone Warehouse, e2save is a well-established reseller in the mobile phone market. Founded in 1999, the company has grown very quickly to become the UK's number 1 online retailer of mobile phones, offering unrivalled deals across the very latest handsets to hit the market. e2save also sell tablet devices and a large range of mobile accessories. Practically every mobile contract e2save sells can be bought with a free gift making e2save one of the most desirable destinations for your customers to visit.

The Benefits of Joining e2save’s Programme

Apart from offering commission of up to

£20 per completed contract

£5 for Sim Only contracts and

£2.5 for Pay As You Go

As an affiliate of e2save you will also get access to the massive buying power and stock availability across all of the UK’s major networks.

At e2save we put a huge emphasis on our pricing to ensure as many offers as possible are market leading. This constant price comparison ensures that all our affiliates are promoting the best deals on the web!


e2save are enrolled on Affiliate Window's enhanced telecomms feed project. These feeds are uniform across all mobile advertisers and the full documentation for them can be found here:

You can utilise these feeds by logging into your account and then visiting create-a-feed (via the links and tools menu).

What Else Can We Offer You?

·         The programme is entirely free to join

·         Cookies set for 90 days

·         Monthly commission payments

·         Weekly communication of 'hot offers' for you to pass on to your customers!

·         Daily data feeds, and regular stock updates

·         A diverse range of regularly updated creative offered

Commission Tracking
e2save operate on a last referrer commission payment system, meaning that if you are the last recorded click on a completed order you will be guaranteed the commission for that sale.

Keyword Policy

e2Save request that affiliates do not bid on the trademark ‘e2save’, 'e 2 save', 'etwosave', 'e two save', or any misspells thereof.

Affiliates may not use the URL ‘’ or

Calling or In-person Sales

Due to government legislation, we cannot allow any form of selling through the affiliate programme other than sales made online at the action of the customer.
If any sales do appear to have been generated ‘by telephone’ or ‘in person’ we will unfortunately have to decline that sale and you will not be paid any commission.

This may also lead to your removal from the program until further review.

Signing Up

To avoid disqualification from the programme, please only apply if you are ready to start promoting e2save.
A lack of activity within 3 months of signing up may result in removal from the program until you reapply with a live site.

Voucher Code T&Cs

Please note if you promote another affiliates or other marketing channels exclusive code your sales that involve that code will be declined. This is to create a fair affiliate environment. 


 ASA - Pricing Rules

To comply with ASA rules on how pricing is displayed, affiliate partners will need to ensure the below messaging is clearly displayed alongside the brands offers and/or merchant page:  


iD – Handset Pay Monthly & Upgrades (excluding Sim Only) – iD Monthly price will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9% 

Vodafone Handset & Sim Only Pay Monthly & Upgrades – Vodafone Monthly price + out of bundle charges will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9% 

Combined Message (Can go on a merchant page where both Voda & ID Mobile listed) - Monthly price (including out of bundle charges for Vodafone) will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9% 


Please ensure the above copy is added to your site directly under the monthly price, by deal. 

If there is no room to display the messaging, due to your website layout or technical restrictions, there is an exception for those situations where multiple product listings are displayed, together, on a web-page. In such instances, you can link each price to a single CPI statement  as long as the statement is prominent and visible, at all times, without having to scroll down the page.



e2Save do not wish for our affiliates to interact with customers by telephone or any other means other than ‘online’.

All orders should be placed by the customers and never ‘on behalf’ of a customer.

If any of this activity or similar is discovered, commission will be held back and involved parties will be suspended from all Carphone Warehouse Online Solutions programs pending an investigation.

If you have any questions about e2save or need any help pushing sales, please do not hesitate to contact Jakub, Neirin or the Awin team directly

The affiliate programme is seeing rapid growth so now is the time to join. Our affiliates are a vital part of our sales team and company strategy, meaning you get the correct respect and attention you deserve.

******************* As of the 1st June 2012 e2save will not pay commission on returned items *************