Supplying businesses & retailers with quality packaging products. High AOV's, monthly promotions and custom printing increases our customer sales. We aim to grow our existing partners but searching for new Affiliates, interested? Contact us today!

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

RAJA Affiliate Programme

About RAJA

RAJA is recognised as Europe’s No. 1 packaging supplier with 21 sites throughout Europe.  RAJA is known for delivering reliability, quality and competitive pricing thanks to our purchasing power, to businesses throughout Europe.

4,000 packaging products ready for next day delivery means customers get packaging essentials quickly and easily through the search functions on our site. Also, the extensive product range allows different companies from various industries to purchase from RAJA.

A packaging distributor for businesses providing specialist ecommerce packaging, eco-responsible packaging, packing machinery to improve warehouse efficiency, and even customised packaging for bespoke requirements – we cater for ALL types and sizes of businesses.


If businesses need to Pack it, Store it, Protect it, Send it, Label it - you name it! RAJA can do it.


Pointers for INCREASING COMMISSIONS! Increase your basket value by:

  • Watch out for our Discounts, Flash sales and Promotions
  • Promote the Free Gifts
  • Promote the Free Delivery options 
  • Free Customer Samples are available

Please see site for full terms and conditions, or contact us below.


Commission Structure

Commissions from 7 - 10% of total value of sales (sales exclude VAT and delivery costs) within a 30 day cookie period. We will also be running regular bonus commissions for specific product groups and targets.


The Benefits of the RAJA Affiliate Program - WHAT CAN WE OFFER YOU?

  • Commission paid on ALL valid sales in a 30 day cookie window
  • Earn 7-10% Bonus Commission
  • A diverse range of regularly updated creatives offered
  • Regular communication about products & offers
  • A dedicated affiliate team – that can proivide text and additional support!
  • Technical help
  • Short commission validation period


Unfortunately RAJA does not allow any PPC, CSS Affiliates.