Summary was the UK’s first retail mobile phone website launching in 1995, are now the largest web-only mobile phone shop in the UK, processing thousands of orders every day.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days

Links Affiliate Programme was the first online mobile phone retailer in the UK and had been trading with the same owner since 1995.

When Currys Retail Limited acquired the company in late August 2007 were able to combine Currys' buying power, unrivalled stock levels and exclusive handsets with the high conversion rates seen at a small dedicated company.

The website currently converts at around 3% which is higher than average for the sector.

We offer a massive selection of handsets, networks, tariffs, free gifts and cashback options.

Our commission Structure is as follows;
£20 for new contract sales and upgrades.
£5 for Sim Only
£3 for Handset Only

For any Browser Extensions or Retargeting activity, we pay a flat £5 per sale.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to pay commission on orders that are cancelled or returned.Commission will also not be paid when there is a genuine mis-price on the website.

We’re happy to negotiate our commission structure based on any extra exposure.  Please do get in touch with us to discuss any exciting projects or opportunities you may have. 

Feed are enrolled on Awin's enhanced telecoms feed project. These feeds are uniform across all mobile advertisers and the full documentation for them can be found here:

You can utilise these feeds by logging into your account and then visiting create-a-feed (via the links and tools menu).


Our weekly newsletter can only viewed using the following e-mail clients:

  •  Android mail
  •  Apple Mail (Mac, iPhone and iPad)
  •  Gmail
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Signing Up

To avoid disqualification from the programme, please only apply if you are ready to start promoting
A lack of activity within 3 months of signing up may result in removal from the program until you reapply with a live site.

Exclusive Codes T&Cs

Please note if you promote another affiliates or other marketing channels exclusive code your sales that involve that code will be declined. This is to create a fair affiliate environment. 


 ASA - Pricing Rules

To comply with ASA rules on how pricing is displayed, affiliate partners will need to ensure the below messaging is clearly displayed alongside the brands offers and/or merchant page:  


iD – Handset Pay Monthly & Upgrades (excluding Sim Only) – iD Monthly price will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9% 

Vodafone Handset & Sim Only Pay Monthly & Upgrades – Vodafone Monthly price + out of bundle charges will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9% 

Combined Message (Can go on a merchant page where both Voda & ID Mobile listed) - Monthly price (including out of bundle charges for Vodafone) will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation + 3.9% 


Please ensure the above copy is added to your site directly under the monthly price, by deal. 

If there is no room to display the messaging, due to your website layout or technical restrictions, there is an exception for those situations where multiple product listings are displayed, together, on a web-page. In such instances, you can link each price to a single CPI statement  as long as the statement is prominent and visible, at all times, without having to scroll down the page.


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