We like our period care simple and sustainable. That's why we create cutting-edge period care products that simplify period care to support healthy and sustainable living. Saalt is proud to be a certified B Corp, donating 2% of its revenue.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Saalt Affiliate Programme

Saalt, the sustainable menstrual cup brand shaking up the period care industry, creates high-performance menstrual products aimed to simplify period care for all. Through Saalt’s mission of empowering people to care for their periods in a healthy and sustainable way, they are engaging an audience to help end menstrual shame and invest in menstrual health. As a woman-owned, certified B Corp, Saalt allocates 2% of its revenue to donate improved period care, and help fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability.

Why is the company called Saalt? The name Saalt represents something that is natural and essential for our bodies. We believe the best approach to period care should be just as natural, distinct, simple, and elemental.

Our period promise: We believe reusable is the future. That's why we only create clean, high-performance products that are healthy for you and the planet.

Commission breakdown:

  • 12% Content creators/influencers 
  • 12% Editorial mainstream press
  • 9% Loyalty
  • 8% Cashback
  • 8% Discount Codes
  • 10% Subnetworks