Summary is an online pharmacy where you can order prescription treatments and over counter products without needing to visit your doctor.


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Pharmacy Online Affiliate Programme is a UK based family-run business where you can order prescription treatments using our free online prescriber consultation service or purchase products such as paracetamol & cold treatments in the online shop.

We know how busy life can get and how tough it can be picking up your medication in person. We also know that it isn’t always convenient to take a day off work to see your GP in person. This is why we aim to improve the lives of our patients by making high-quality care accessible and convenient.

Our most popular product is Saxenda, the Appetite Suppression Pen with an average order value of £150.

Our most popular categories include:

General Health - Acne, Allergy, Asthma, Jet Lag, Malaria,  STI Treatments, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss
Women's Health - Contraceptive Pill, Cystitis, Facial Hair Removal, Morning After Pill, Period Delay
Men's Health - Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Premature Ejaculation