Women-owned wellness company that empowers identifying women to take charge of their sexual health by creating a range of beautiful and fun body-safe, eco-friendly products - including the Tik Tok famous WaterSlyde :)


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Lovability (US) Affiliate Program


Say NO to Toxic Chemicals & Toxic Relationships!



Founded in 2014, Lovability is a women-owned / women-led business seeking to break down stigmas and normalize the everyday purchase of sexual health products by self-identifying women. 

We believe sexual confidence is a pathway to power and create products and platforms (such as our blog, Babe With The Power) that champion inclusiveness, empowerment, wellness, sustainability, equality, feminism, and sex- & body-positivity.

We proudly employ mentally and physically disabled people from ARC of South Bay (CA) to assemble and ship our products. We also support a diverse array of organizations, including 1% For The Planet and Women's Voices For The Earth, which are aligned with our mission.


Lovability makes body-safe, beautiful, fun, and eco-friendly products for healthier and happier sex. Home of the Tik Tok-famous WaterSlyde, Lovability offers a range of sexual health products that are designed to sit alongside everyday beauty and wellness products - in a purse, on a bedside table, or on retail shelves.

OB/GYN-approved, we use all-natural ingredients free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, animal-byproducts (you know, the nasty stuff), and never test on animals. So you can really feel good knowing we’ve got our customer's, and the planet’s, back!

Top Sellers

– The WaterSlyde®: Our revolutionary, patented water diverter that easily attaches to a bathtub faucet to comfortably deliver a gentle, hypnotic flow of water to the midline of the tub – right where it counts.

– Buttercup Condoms™: Available in our iconic “3 Condoms + Tin” and 12 & 30 Refill Packs, our natural latex, vegan condoms come in unique easy-open, no-tear, always-right-side-up wrappers.

– ThreePlay™ Massage Candle: An interactive, mood-setting, and ultra-hydrating 3-in-1 massage candle in our sexy Smolder scent.

– Balm Bomb Arousal Balm™: Made from a special blend of high-quality, natural ingredients, our invigorating, cooling Bomb Balm Arousal Balm is designed to heighten sensation and stimulate sexual response (for him, her, and them).


– Generous commission (paid out monthly)

– High conversion rates

– Established brand in the fast-growing sexual health segment

– An active, engaging marketing calendar

– Dedicated account manager (weekly updates)

– Dynamically updated feeds


Average order value (AOV):  US$36

Cookie Length: 30 days.

Shipping: USA, Canada, U.K., Australia

Commission Rates:

– 3% Default Commission Rate Up To 20%

– Commission will be paid on the final transaction amount (excluding taxes and shipping) after discounts have been applied

– Goods returned within the 30-day returns period will not receive a commission payment


Should you have any questions or promotional opportunities, please contact Annerese from our Affiliate Management Team via email:

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