Typology was born from a mission: to demystify skincare with simple, straight-talking transparency. We make naturally active, effective and sustainable skincare in France.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Typology - US Affiliate Program


Typology in a few words

The world of cosmetics has developed with often misleading promises and uncertain chemicals. Typology's mission is to demystify the skincare industry and get back to basics. We have focused on what defines a great skincare product: the quality of its ingredients.

Our values: Made In France, natural, efficient and accessible

How we did it: By starting from scratch, we were able to invent a 100% online model without intermediaries, which allows us to guarantee an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Join us: You want to help us radically change the industry's codes. Join our programme, be part of this change and benefit from an attractive commission!


Challenging (objectives

  • Recruiting new customers
  • retain existing customers
  • increase site traffic
  • increase the average shopping basket.

Attractive (remuneration)

With Typology, benefit from an attractive and evolving remuneration, by putting forward the products of your choice. You will be remunerated from 8 to 12% of the turnover. In addition to this, premium remuneration can be awarded to affiliates who offer quality promotions.

Fresh (creative Assets)

Our teams regularly renew the diversified and up-to-date creative elements that will adapt to your editorial lines. These include

  • product visuals
  • visual highlights
  • text links

Privileged (Partner relationship) 

Receive regular previews of our latest product launches, offers and other news.