BT: one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions. Through the programme you can promote all four of BT's products both individually and as part of some great value packages: Broadband, Phonelines, TV and Mobile

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Broadband, Calls and TV

With several different broadband package options at BT with different components we stack either Broadband, Calls or TV on top of each other to replicate what is on BT's site. The programme standard Solus commissions are below.

Broadband - £25

Calls - £7

TV - £20

An example of how this would work is if a customer ordered a Calls and Broadband package on BT site you would receive £32 (£25 BB and £7 Calls stacked). If the customer then added TV the total commission would be £52.


Similar to before the SIMO commissions can be bought separately or will stack onto any broadband sales, effectively creating a Quad Play offering. The programme standard Solus commission are below.

SIMO Low - £20

SIMO Med - £30

SIMO High - £40

An example in this instance of a Quad play sale (with a SIMO low package included) you would receive £72 commission (£25 BB + £7 Calls + £20 TV + £20 SIMO Low

• Cookie length:  21 days.

• Conversion rate:  (merchant must agree to publicise and should be updated monthly)

Global Levels for BT Broadband & Mobile
The global levels are the performance criteria that adjusts the level of commission a publisher earns. It affects the commission group level on all commission groups except those marked with an asterisk. The performance criteria can also affect the cookie length that the publisher is benefiting from.

Level Cookie Length Condition
Level 1 21 Days default level

* Commission group excluded from global levels