HUX is a health supplement company, created to inspire everyone to find their daily edgeby making complex nutrition simple.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

HUX Affiliate Programme

Our mission at HUX is to create a health company that inspires people to find their daily edge by making complex nutrition simple. We want to reclaim ‘wellness,’ so it’s about feeling good on your own terms. It’s not new news that good health is about balance and stability, but it bears repeating. You don’t need to be an elite athlete or commit to extreme diets to enjoy your body and life, or to feel energetic, enthusiastic, happy and healthy. Health doesn’t have to be boring. It certainly shouldn’t be restrictive. Health should be beautiful, even aspirational.

Why Join the Hux Affiliate Program?

  • We are offering 10% commission on all sales.
  • Large AOV
  • Fast Commission Validations
  • 30 Day Cookie Period
  • Partners that are delivering results can apply for a greater commission. 
  • VIP partners can also apply for unique discount codes to offer their customers.


PPC Policy: - We do not permit use of the terms Hux Health,,  or any variation or misspelling to be used in PPC marketing in the form of phrase, broad, or exact matches

For the avoidance of doubt we request that you add each of these as negative exact match terms to your paid search account(s).

PPC Voucher terms are not permitted unless authorised. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

Voucher codes: -  As listed in our Terms, only voucher codes listed within the AWin affiliate system themselves will be guaranteed as being eligible for customer commission.