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From the Owner

Let me give you a few details into why and how Pinnacle CBD came into existence. My name is Kevin Lacey and my wife is Jessica Lacey. Our daughter has Epilepsy and the full story of it is below.
I wanted to find a way to help her and get her away from the Big Pharma meds. I knew marijuana had a lot of potential in helping, however, we live in Missouri (not legal at the time) and I really didn’t want to send my (at the time) 13-year-old daughter to school high every day.

That’s when I discovered hemp and the benefits CBD has. At first, I bought some other brands, tried them at our retail store, and tried them on my daughter. The results weren’t great. Listening to people’s feedback was really discouraging and I had almost given up. I started to wonder if maybe CBD is just some snake oil. Maybe this isn’t going to help my daughter at all. That’s when I met a guy who taught me a lot and I learned why so many brands don’t work (huge thank you to that guy). I spent the next several months learning as much about hemp and CBD as I could (and I’m still researching). After getting the right farmer, with the right genetics, and the right extraction method – we had an amazing product that could do so much more.

Every day we hear stories of what Pinnacle CBD has done for so many people and families. I cannot describe to you what these stories have done for me. They are what run this company. We will continue to educate and grow our products to create the most effective products we can.

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