Health and beauty natural supplements from Rejuvenated. Discover the secrets of beauty from within with Rejuvenated- British, family run brand- Award-winning- High Potency- Unique formulations- Great commissions


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Rejuvenated Affiliate Programme

British brand Rejuvenated is a market leader in ‘beauty from within’ supplements. Available worldwide, our formulas contain the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy from the inside out. Rejuvenated's award-winning supplements deliver potent ingredients to each individual skin cell, promoting inner health and outer beauty.

The Rejuvenated Collection includes:

Collagen Shots

Collagen Shots delivers a synergistic blend combination of 10,000 mg of collagen, antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. These youth boosting ingredients work together to smooth and firm the skin, boost the digestive system and strengthen hair and nails. This award-winning product packs a punch. RRP £44.95 for 30 days

H30 Hydration

A revolutionary plant based drink, Skin Hydration provides the body with vital minerals and ions for luminous and radiant skin. long-lasting hydration inside out. Combining ionic electrolyte minerals with hyaluronic acid, this radiance-boosting cocktail optimises cellular metabolism for luminous and radiant skin. £24.95 for 30 days (available in individual sachets)

H30 Night Repair

H30 Night Repair contains a potent blend of plant based antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and ionic electrolyte minerals to strengthen the skin whilst you sleep. Working in synergy with your circadian rhythm, these restorative ingredients ensure your skin is regenerated and hydrated upon waking. RRP £30 for 30 days

Protein Smoothie

This healthy supplement drink contains a blend of ingredients to keep you full on the go. Organic pea protein naturally works to curb your appetite while inulin helps to counteract visceral fat situated around internal organs. Muscle firming amino acids (lysine, arginine, glutamine) and branched-chain amino acids (luecine, isoleucine, valine) helps to build firm lean muscle. Available in chocolate, strawberry and banana. RRP £21.50 for 14 days


A 100% naturally active food supplement that has been developed primarily for those looking to lose weight healthily, and maintain long-term weight management. Its potent combination of active ingredients work to stabilise both blood sugar levels and metabolism, whilst promoting lean & healthy tissue; delivering top-to-toe well-being. £24.95 for 60 capsules

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