Opus Broadband wirelessly sends full fibre directly to your home, bypassing the slower and heavily congested copper cables. Giving you reliable, faster speed internet connection through our gigabit ready network. Available in selected North West towns.


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30 Days


Opus Broadband Affiliate Programme

At Opus Broadband, we wanted to deliver faster speed internet at lower prices but we couldn’t do that with the standard copper wire network the majority of internet providers use today.

So, we built our own network covering parts of Lancashire - Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington, Nelson, Blackpool, Bolton, Fleetwood and Cleveleys.

Rather than trying to upgrade an old network, using dated technology, we realised now is the time for change.

Built for the future

Designing and building our own network puts us in full control. Using fibre and wireless technology, we deliver high quality, faster speed broadband.

Gigabit ready

Our network is Gigabit ready, meaning that as internet speeds increase, so can yours, without the wait or inconvenience of digging up roads to lay cables!

It's not just our technology that makes us different.

Having designed and built our own network, we are in full control as we aren’t reliant on other telecommunication providers.