Verdant Tea stands for real partnerships with real small family tea farmers and tea ware artisans, sharing fresh seasonal teas, rare harvests and stunning tea ware.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Verdant Tea (US) Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Verdant Tea Affiliate Program

Verdant Tea is a farmer-first business, representing a dozen small family tea farmers and teaware artisans across China. We are all about representation, bringing teas never before seen outside China to the world with a unique direct-trade model based on personal relationships built over decades.

Our commitments:

  • Supporting biodiverse, sustainable farming done without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. A healthy environment makes for healthy tea!
  • Community reinvestment through farmer co-ownership, allowing farmers to set their own prices and collections and ensuring that they are able to reinvest sales into their farming communities through new equipment, education, and tea research.
  • Bringing in the absolute freshest tea in the world: we have an office in China to pack teas the day they are finished and air-ship them to the US to get them to tea lovers while they are stunningly fresh and aromatic.
  • Raising the bar for transparency in the industry by sharing who picked the tea, where it is from, when it was picked, and the values and goals of the growers themselves.

How can we work together?

As a business built on relationships, we have tremendous respect for the educators and ambassadors out there. Your work raising awareness about what we do doesn't just help us, it raises up whole growing communities and builds a stronger future for sustainable tea. We are grateful for your support, and our affiliate program is based on this respect. Here's what makes our program unique:

  • Rich educational content on tea and teaware for our affiliates
  • Extensive media to share, including pictures of the actual tea growers and teaware craftspeople to help tell their story
  • Direct access to Verdant's co-owners to talk tea, ask questions, and get the support you need to succeed
  • A brand with deep customer loyalty and satisfaction, $100+ average orders, and high conversion rates so that when you send your followers our way, you know you'll see good commissions coming your way.

Still curious? Did you know - our partners teas and teaware have been recommended by Wall Street Journal, Serious Eats, Andrew Zimmern, GQ, and dozens of magazines and journals out there. Folks like tea farmer He Changke in Laoshan and Zhang Rongde in Anxi are the real deal!

Program Details 

  • 5% Default Commission
  • $15 for Tea Club subscriptions
  • 30 Day Cookie Period 

Let's chat! Please reach out to we are anxious to talk with you!

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