The dream to Be Collectively All Living Mindfully. Our design registered geo-cut glass diffuser and diffuser keyring improves wellbeing. We have 8 organic essential oils sourced from sustainable farming methods and signature scents, blend personal to you.


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Hi, we're Becky and Richie Pope the founders of BCALM. After being married for a decade with two beautiful daughters, Bella and Betsy, 2020 took on a NEW approach for us, to find and have mindfulness. Guided by our free spirit in a world of lockdown we felt that “taking some time out for ourselves, didn't have to mean we couldn't find a moment of calm in our own home”. We believed that we could and we did!....Inhale and Exhale.

BCALM was born to help you and your family take some time to create calm. The dream to Be Collectively All Living Mindfully. 

Get the best sleep ever, find natural energy, Or just feel YOUR very best with a fragrance mood boost. We will continue to be free and develop ways to bring calm to your home and support you on your wellbeing journey.

Healthy Wishes
Richie, Becky, Bella and Betsy