ChairmanMe offers dozens of asynchronous, cohort-based courses to improve your life, learn tactical skills and boost your career.

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ChairmanMe (US) Affiliate Program

ChairmanMe offers dozens of asychronous, cohort-based courses to improve your life, learn tactical skills and boost your career. It's not an elitist organization that requires a certain job title, a nomination or an application, it's a truly inclusive learning community for time-pressed professionals who are ready to invest in themselves.

Our courses offer an array of transformations-- from learning to set boundaries, to mastering the art of self promotion, to developing a daily writing habit, to raising capital or starting a small business. But what they all have in common are instruction from incredible best selling authors, in demand coaches and industry leaders, a course promise that comes with a guarantee, and a mix of asyncrhonous instruction that you can digest at your own pace combined with a community who is going through the course at the same time as you, who you get to know through a mix of accountability groups and live office hours with the instructors.

Our courses have an industry-leading 85%+ completion rate, and more than 25% of our students sign up for another course within months. You not only gain skills, you get mentoring, and a valuable community going through the same life transition and career inflection points as you are. You do not have to be a working mom to benefit from our courses, but we've designed them for someone as resource and time-pressed as a working mom!

These are courses built by and for underrepresented over-achievers, who want to level up their game and invest in themselves. 

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  • $5 Commission per qualified Newsletter Subscribe
  • $50 Commission per qualified ChairmanMe Membership
  • 10% Commission for Course Sign Up 
  • 30 Day Cookie Period 

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