Uncomfortable, aching calf muscles have long been fixtures of a life lived in the fast lane but with SPRYNG™, a pioneering active compression device, we aim to get you back to your best in no time.


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SPRYNG (US) Affiliate Program

SPRYNG is a fun and energetic brand that wants to make recovery accessible to anyone who works-out or has tired and achy legs. 

We want to make the benefits of scientifically backed active compression therapy accessible to anyone, not just the pro athletes. Before SPRYNG, the benefits of active compression was not accessible by everyone; other similar devices were either too large and cumbersome to use or exorbitantly priced. 

When you wear SPRYNG, it helps aid in flushing lactic acid build up and increasing oxygenation to tissues, helping you recover faster and making your legs feel great. It’s portable and can be used on the go whenever it is convenient for you.

Our expectation is to help everyday runners, fitness enthusiasts, trainers and anyone experiencing leg issues; recover better and faster. Our product can be worn in countless scenarios such as when commuting to work, grabbing your morning latte, working at your desk, heading to your training session, after skiing while heading back up the cable car to the next slope, at home while cooking that healthy dinner, or even during your favorite Netflix show.

Here are just some of the reasons to promote the program …

  • 3% Default Commission Rate 
  • Up to 12% commission
  • 30 Day Cookie Period 
  • Very high conversion rates
  • Daily updated data feed
  • Full set of general and seasonal deeplinked creatives
  • Best sellers product list available
  • Affiliate tracking is present on all payment gateways
  • ​Regular affiliate specific communication including deeplinks

SPRYNG offers …

  • Fully responsive user friendly site - clear layout, easy navigation & search, simple checkout
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Innovative and helpful products for health and wellbeing
  • Products selected & tested by the US's leading sports people 
  • Research backed sports and lifestyle technology
  • Rigorous approach to quality
  • Detailed proudct information, articles, reviews, blogs to help customers 


  • 3% for all customers
  • Up to 12% available 


We run a very strict no PPC Policy, any affiliates caught bidding in the space will have commissions declined. See our PPC policy under Program Terms for more details.

Affiliate Management

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