En partant d'une chose aussi simple qu'un boîtier (box en anglais), OtterBox a été créée en 1998 en s'appuyant sur les principes fondamentaux du travail, de la prise de risque et de l'écoute de ses clients.


Période d'attribution (durée du cookie)

30 Jours


Programme d'affiliation Otterbox FR

OtterBox started like many start-ups: the company started from a dream and was created in a garage. Starting from something as simple as a box, OtterBox was created in 1998 based on the fundamental principles of working, taking risks and listening to its customers. It is through our commitment to innovation that we have become what we are today. We imagine, design and manufacture extraordinary products that make it easier to move and protect what matters most. They allow everyone to enjoy, every day, extraordinary moments - without worry. Always ready for adventure, OtterBox inspires people to be bold in everything they do. Our mission statement is as follows:

OtterBox Affiliate Program Details :

Commission - Default - 7% on all sales

Cookie - 30 days

AOV (2023) - €52

PPC Policy : - Please note that the Affiliate must not bid on our trademark, for example using the terms: Otterbox FR or any other variation including our brand on any PPC engine such as Google AdWords. Any affiliate caught bidding on our brand will be suspended without notice and any commission earned will not be validated. Similarly, any affiliate setting the target URL of their PPC ads as https://www.otterbox.fr/ will be suspended without notice and no commission will be earned.

Discount Code Policy : - Please note that Affiliates can only use discount codes available through the Otterbox UK Affiliate Program, or those issued directly by Gen3 Marketing or AWIN. If an affiliate promotes a code that was not issued by Gen3 Marketing or AWIN, we reserve the right to withhold commissions. Continued use of unauthorized codes will result in program suspension.

Contact Gen3 Marketing
Name: - Sophie Webber
Email: - otterbox@gen3marketing.com 
Telephone: - (0)1752 761081