Striving to provide maximum cosiness to the UK, with high-quality comfort products, competitive offers and pricing, and a commitment to providing excellent customer service,™ is a small company on the rise to be one of the UK’s number one brands.


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30 Days Affiliate Programme Affiliate Programme

As one of the top growing comfort brands in the UK,™ offers high converting sale campaigns and landing pages that have been tested, optimized, and proven to compete with industry-standard traffic sources. Comparing the numbers from June 2020 to June of this year,™ has increased customer engagement and revenue by over 360% and continues to grow.


Who we are:

kuddly is a brand that is dedicated in providing our fellow Britons with the cosiest products, no matter the time and place. Originally launching with just our Kuddly Weighted Blanket, the kuddly collection has grown tremendously to include many products ranging from bedding to apparel.

Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the highest quality at an affordable price, while also experiencing excellent customer service. After all, we are nothing without our kuddly family.


Why our customers shop with us:

  • UK based

            We take pride in being from the UK and in giving our fellow Britons cosy comfort from our wide range of™ products.

  • 100% cosy guarantee

            We’re so confident in the cosiness of our™ collection, that we offer a 30-night money-back guarantee on all of our products.

  • Free shipping

           Because no one wants to stress about extra costs, all™ products come with free shipping.

  • Great quality, great price

           Our products are top-notch while being super affordable because you can’t put too high a price on comfort.

  • Priority to kuddlers

           We strive for exceptional customer service, so our customers' happiness is our number one priority.


Program Benefits:

  • 5% baseline commission
  • 1% for voucher code affiliates and/or sales where a voucher code is applied
  • High average customer transaction value (£100+)
  • 30-day cookie
  • Beautiful creatives
  • Seasonal creatives
  • Regular promotions and offers exclusive to our affiliates
  • If you need bespoke graphics to fit your brand, contact us directly
  • New ad campaigns every other week
  • Performance gate commission plan (sell more, receive a higher percentage)
  • Dedicated and experienced affiliate team to help you earn more


Sign up now to become an affiliate:

We place a great deal of importance on working closely with our affiliates. We’d love to have you on board our team and look forward to establishing strong partnerships with our publishers. Your dedicated affiliate manager can walk you through any bits you find tricky. Please reach out if you have questions about any aspect of the program. Likewise, if you would like to request anything specific (such as a custom graphic) or if you wish to discuss any bespoke promotional opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact them.


PPC Policy: We do not allow bidding on our brand name or any variations of it or incorrect spelling of it. Affiliates must not use the display URL.  Affiliates are also not allowed to Direct Link from Paid Search.

Voucher Code Policy: Please note that affiliates may only use voucher codes that are available through the affiliate programme, or those that have been issued directly via the affiliate team. Where an affiliate is found promoting a code that has not been issued by the affiliate manager, we reserve the right to decline commissions. Continued use of unauthorised codes will result in programme suspension.