SMOKO E-Cigs + Vapes have stopped 600m+ cigarettes from being smoked and our customers have saved £320m in the last 10 years. Made in the UK, amazing 5 star Reviews trusted by 1,000s in 25 countries around the world to help them quit. We change lives!


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30 Days

SMOKO E-Cigarettes Affiliate Programme

SMOKO we have been doing things differently for over 10 years!

  • STOPPED 600,000,000+ CIGARETTES BEING SMOKED – that is 600m cigarettes not smoked in the last 10 years and we continue to stop 250,000+ cigarettes a day not being smoked.
  • 7341+ EXTRA YEARS – if each cigarette takes 11 minutes off a smokers’ life, SMOKO has added 7,341+ years to our customer’s lives!!
  • £320M SAVED – this is the amount of money our customers have saved by switching from smoking cigarette to using SMOKO
  • AT LEAST 95% LESS HARMFUL – according to Public Health England and Cancer Research UK, “switching to e-cigarettes and vaping is AT LEAST 95% less harmful than continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes”.  So the medical world is now 100% behind adult smokers switching to vaping!
  • MADE IN THE UK – unlike most of vapes and e-cigs sold in grocery and convenience stores (even dodgy mobile phone repair shops are now selling disposable vapes) who all use Chinese-made ingredients in their product, SMOKO uses the highest quality flavours and ingredients in our E-Liquids that are MADE IN THE UK!
  • CARBON NEGATIVE VAPE BRAND – since 2019, we have offset our carbon footprint by 3.5 times!      Working with Ecologi, we have planted over 28,000 trees and supported various carbon offset programs around the world!
  • RECYCLING PROGRAM – we have a recycling program where our customers can send back their empty refills and pods so we can recycle them with our partner RECONOMY – on of the UK’s leading 
  • 100% INDEPENDENTLY OWNED – so many of the e-cig and vape brands have been bought up by Big Tobacco over the years.  We are proud to say we are 100% independently owned British company with NO affiliation with any tobacco company – we want to be part of the solutions, not the problem!

We would love to work with new publishers, influencers and networks to help 1,000s more adult smokers to kick the habit for good.

SMOKO recently launched our premium range of CBD products including CBD Oils and Oral Drops and CBD Gummy Bears.  Made from 100% organically grown cannabis plants, the broad-spectrum CBD extracts we use in our range offers the highest quality CBD.  All our Oral Drops and CBD Gummies are Made in the UK, are Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free!

For more information about CBD products, we have loads of helpful blog articles about the potential health benefits of CBD at
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Who We Work With: We work with some of the UK's leading cashback, coupon sites, as well as other Affiliates.  We are looking to work with Influencers to promote our Products to show the world what benefits they can get from quitting smoking!
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Awin Index Score: 77.74%
Approval Percentage: At a high of 100%
AOV: Average order value of £56.00
Cookie Length: Cookie length of 30 days.
FREE UK DELIVERY - Simply order £30 or more

Commission Rates: Commission rates starting at 5% ranging to 10%
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