Summary is a new service that provides insurance cover which looks after individual lifestyles. It offers a whole range of insurance products such as travel, pet, gadget and car hire insurance.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


ProtectYourBubble Affiliate Programme

Our Commissions

As a quick reminder you are able to promote the following products and receive great commissions:

Travel Insurance - 10%
Gadget Insurance - £9.50
Family Gadget Insurance - £6.00
Business Gadget Insurance - 10%
Bicycle Insurance - £12.00
Pet Insurance - £15.00 (non valid for cashback sites)

We have some great niche offers that will work well on a range of websites.

Validation Periods

Travel Insurance - 60 days
Gadget Insurance - 60 days
Family Gadget Insurance - 60 days
Bicycle Insurance - 60 days
Pet Insurance - 60 days

Linking To Our Offers

You will find our banners and links by logging into, “Viewing Your Merchants” and clicking “Linking Methods”.

We feel that our affiliate programme is an important tool and we want to help you grow your revenues as doing this helps us all.

If you need any help, or if you have any special requirements to promote our programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to become a PYB affiliate:

If you wish to start promoting the PYB affiliate programme please find attached in the document section the intro document to becoming an IAR of PYB, the procurement forms (tab 2,3 and 4) to be completed and the IAR Form.