The first FDA cleared and only CE Certified birth control app. Allows you to learn the unique pattern of your cycle with tailored updates and insights. Take your temperature and know your daily fertility status. Hormone-free, non-invasive and effective.


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Natural Cycles is the first FDA cleared and only CE Certified birth control app. 

  • It’s a great alternative for women looking for a natural and effective alternative to hormonal birth control.
  • Natural Cycles is an exciting option for women, and exists to provide women more opportunities to take control of their reproductive health, but that there’s no one size fits all for birth control so it’s important to understand what will work for you and your lifestyle.

How it Works

  • There are only certain days of the month you are fertile and can get pregnant so the app is powered by an algorithm that is able to identify your daily fertility status based on your basal body temperature.
  • Basal body temperature is the body’s lowest resting temperature, which is best measured first thing in the morning, just after you’ve woken up.
  • There is a key link between fertility and body temperature. This is because right after ovulation happens in the menstrual cycle, there is a noticeable rise in basal body temperature.
  • So each morning, you measure your basal body temperature with a Natural Cycles thermometer that has two decimal points. Once you put your temperature into the app, Natural Cycles gives you a red or green day depending on if you’re fertile and can or cannot get pregnant:
    Green day: You are not fertile and do not need to use protection during intercourse.
    Red day: You are fertile and should use protection during intercourse.
  • You can also track your moods, cervical mucus, and more right within the app Effectiveness

When choosing a birth control method, it’s important to understand how effective it is as there is no birth control method that is 100% effective.

  • When used perfectly, Natural Cycles is 98% effective. Perfect use means not having unprotected sex on red days. Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use - which accounts for all possible reasons.

Natural Cycles can also be used to plan pregnancy, when and if you’re ready

  • When you switch from “prevent” to “plan” you can plan a pregnancy faster. Women who had previously used Natural Cycles had an average “time to pregnancy” TTP of 85 days vs. women who had previously used hormonal contraception with an average TTP of 146 days.


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