Swipies are durable, synthetic, reusable paper that are super easy to clean (with just water!) and oddly satisfying to write on. Perfect for home, office, and on the go, Swipies are replacing notebooks, post-its and whiteboards around the world.


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Swipies are the most durable, versatile, endlessly reusable paper on the market. We're on a mission to reduce the clutter and waste associated with single-use paper in the home and office.

Writing on Swipies is surprisingly satisfying with the smooth, frictionless surface, our inky pens, and the minimal design of our sheets. Cleaning is also a pleasure; “it’s like magic, watching all the ink disappear.” Just add water and they’re ready to be used again. And again. And again. Unlike whiteboards, Swipies are lightweight and portable, and they won’t smudge in backpacks or purses.

We also offer custom-branded Swipies in partnership with companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Indeed, General Assembly, and Trello.

Swipies are produced in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.


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