Boost your earnings with Viewed! Join our email marketing revolution. Our unique video-in-email technology ensures impactful conversions. Dare to recommend proven technology and earn a 20% commission on every sale.


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1. What is Viewed?

Viewed is an innovative technology that is revolutionizing the rules of email marketing. It enables the automatic playback of videos within email, resulting in a notable increase of up to 400% in conversion rates. Valued by marketing experts internationally, Viewed's proven technology is utilized by industry leaders such as Real Madrid, Meliá Hotels, Inditex, Desigual, and CaixaBank.

Our advanced technology provides recipients with a multimedia experience in a controlled and far-reaching environment, such as email. Breaking the monotony of the inbox, Viewed has achieved the seemingly impossible, making it possible and easy to achieve. By eliminating compatibility issues between email providers, devices, and operating systems, Viewed detects the available technology in real-time to deliver the ideal video format, enabling a fluid and dynamic experience.


2. How does Viewed technology work?


Platform Usage:

  • User Registration: Users register on our platform easily and quickly.
  • Video Upload: Once registered, users upload their video to our platform.
  • Storage and Processing: Our platform stores and processes the video, optimizing it for playback within email.
  • Delivery of HTML Code: Once processed, Viewed provides the user with a personalized HTML code. This code can be easily copied and pasted into the email template at the desired location for the video to be viewed by recipients.


User Experience:

  • Campaign Sending: Our users can send their email marketing campaign with the embedded video code through their ESP, CRM, or email marketing software.
  • User Experience: Upon opening the email, the video will begin playing automatically, capturing the user's attention within the first 8 seconds.


Platform Features:

  • Configuration Panel: For our clients with advanced plans, Viewed offers a comprehensive configuration panel. Here, they can customize key actions, such as making the video clickable and linking it to a destination URL to drive conversions. Additionally, they can define the specific behavior of the video within the email, adapting it to the needs of their campaign.
  • Results Monitoring: Viewed offers a statistics panel that, depending on the plan chosen, provides detailed or global information on the performance of video campaigns.

3. Business Advantages

Viewed offers a unique solution in the email marketing market. While most companies engage in email marketing, few know the path to success. Our versatile technology is applicable across various segments and industries, from fashion and beauty to tourism, food, sports, and more. Furthermore, Viewed significantly enhances business results, offering a threefold return on investment. With the ability to implement videos at any stage of the conversion funnel and in all types of campaigns, whether acquisition, conversion, retention, or service, Viewed provides our affiliates with a powerful tool to boost their earnings.


4. Earn money in 3 simple steps

Sign up for the Viewed affiliate program on Awin: Easily join the Viewed affiliate program through Awin, our trusted affiliate platform.
Get the links and promotional material: Access a wide variety of high-quality links and promotional material provided by Viewed. Promote our services effectively on your digital channels.
Get your commission for every purchase: Enjoy a generous commission for every referred customer who makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Start earning money with Viewed today!


5. Commissions

Viewed offers its affiliates a 20% commission on each plan contracted by referred customers. Our plans include:

  • Free Plan: This plan is completely free and offers users the opportunity to try the platform. However, videos in this plan contain our watermark and are not commissionable.
  • Starter Plan: This plan can be contracted on a monthly or annual basis. It does not include configuration and monitoring functions and has a limit of 5,000 monthly views.
  • Professional Plan: This plan includes the use of all functions within our platform and can also be contracted on a monthly or annual basis. Affiliates earn a 20% commission for each customer who contracts this plan.

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