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Vodafone Ltd - Pay as you go SIMs

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Choose freedom - choose Pay as you go. Enjoy freedom from contracts, commitments and credit checks with a Vodafone Pay as you go SIM. All bundles include:Total Rollover, VeryMe Rewards and roaming in 51 European destinations.


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30 Days


Vodafone Ltd - Pay as you go SIMs Affiliate Programme

The Vodafone Pay as you go Affiliate Programme

Vodafone Pay as you go is a separate programme from Vodafone Consumer (1257).

There are 3 different propositions which can be promoted:

  • Pay as you go SIM Bundles
  • Big Value Bundles
  • Data SIMs (for mobile devices)

Customers can choose a bundle ranging from £10 to £50, depending on the data allowance they need. They can also order a free SIM if they don't want to purchase a bundle straight away. Customers can also top up their plan quickly and easily on-site.


The base CPA is £3 for a SIM activation and £10 top up within 30 days.