PaulCamper is the Airbnb for motorhomes! We are the largest platform for private camper sharing in Europe. For all our partners, we offer an attractive remuneration + high lead bonus together with an exciting story.


Toewijzingslengte (cookietijd)

30 Dagen


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Partner program reward structure:

€ 35 for acquiring a new camper lender (aka lender *lead)
€ 5 for a new booking request (aka renter *lead)

*A “Lead" is a confirmed request for rental business or a new active camper on the PaulCamper platform.

NOTE: Each “lead” is ONLY counted once, no matter how many booking requests he/she makes. If a new “lead" makes multiple booking requests, only 1 request will be rewarded by €5.

Commission on a Successful Booking:
25% commission share on each *successful booking

*A "successful booking" is an approved booking request by camper lender and a paid booking fee by the renter