JW PEI is a vegan accessory brand, designing Vegan Leather Bags online in high cost-effective. The brand concept of ethical and sustainable is highly appreciated by global fashion magazines like VOGUE, GLAMOUR, etc.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


JW PEI UK Affiliate Programme

Welcome to our world. JW PEI is a Vegan and trendy accessories brand. The inspiration behind the brand comes from the concept of fashion should be afordable and sustainable. Since becoming active in 2018, we have made considerable progress since the establishment of the brand, and now we are becoming an essential accessory destination for the 15-35 age group.

Why choose JW PEI:

1. The default commission rate of 10% (or more);
2. Avg order value is £65+;
3. Free shipping for orders over £59;
4. Affiliate exclusive discount codes and promotions;
5. Free custom banner.

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