We believe everyone deserves long, healthy and gorgeous hair. We promise to give you great results at an affordable price, and to go natural whenever possible. All our products are easy to use and effective, helping you fall in love with your hair again.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Hair Burst Limited Affiliate Programme

Hairburst Affiliate Programme UK

Welcome to the Hairburst Affiliate Programme! 

We want you to join our family of Hairburst Heroes to represent the Hairburst brand and help thousands of people get the hair they have always dreamed of.  

About Us 

Our mission is to inspire a feel good movement for haircare and breakthrough beauty, one with self-care at its heart.  

Research shows that 1-in-3 women struggle with thin hair that splits and sheds easily... Over styling, ageing, stress, poor nutrition and pollution can disrupt our hair cycle - leaving it thin, lifeless and prone to breakage. 

That’s where we come in! Hairburst products comes packed with ingredients that encourage the hair to stay in the growth phase for as long as possible. Our award-winning vitamins, shampoos, growth and volume serums are all scientifically formulated to deliver an effective blend of essential vitamins and minerals that your hair needs - working from the inside out, from root to tip - promoting length and strength. The  results speak for themselves. 

Why Partner with Hairburst? 

We are looking for affiliates and brand partners to represent the Hairburst brand. When you partner with Hairburst you aren’t only getting exclusive member discounts but you are also gaining support and information that will help your business grow. 

  • Hairburst is one of the leading brands in the hair growth market 

  • We have an established and engaged social media following of over 1.5m 

  • Exclusive affiliate discounts and deal.

  • Competitive commision rates and rewards based on a tiered commision structure.

  • Regular commision payments.

  • Dedicated in house support from our HB Affiliate Team.

Commission Rates

Standard Commision - 10%

Discount code/Voucher sites - 10%

Editorial -10%

Influencers and Content creators - We run a tiered affiliate commission structure to help you get the most from our partnership and to help you grow your business. Please reach out to us to talk about this in more detail.

We want to build one on one relationships with all our publishers, so please reach out to discuss further. 

We can't wait for you to join the family and become an amazing Hairburst Hero!

Team HB x