Medjet is the premier global air-medical transport, travel security and crisis response membership program for travelers. Accidents, illness and safety concerns can happen anywhere. Medjet can get you home.


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Medjet (US) Affiliate Program

Medjet is the premier global medical transport, travel security, and crisis response membership program for travelers.

1 in 30 trips end in a medical emergency, and safety while traveling has become a growing concern. Over 2 million travelers each year require medical transport ranging from $30,000-$180,000 in costs that their health insurance, travel insurance, and platinum card benefits may not cover. Those typically get them to the “nearest acceptable facility,” but Medjet can get them to a hospital at home. Medjet is now transporting for COVID-19 Globally. Restrictions apply. Please click HERE for more details.

MedjetAssist is our air-medical transport membership.

MedjetAssist is the premier global air-medical transport membership for business and leisure travelers. If a member is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, Medjet will arrange medical transportation to the member’s hospital of choice in their home country. A MedjetHorizon membership adds travel security and crisis response services. 

MedjetHorizon is our air-medical transport plus travel security and crisis response Membership.

MedjetHorizon members receive all the renowned air medical transport benefits of a MedjetAssist membership, plus worldwide travel security, crisis response, and evacuation services. Members have access to a 24/7 security network for in-country response to a wide range of safety concerns and threats while traveling, including: terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, political threat, hijacking, natural disaster, disappearance, violent crime, wrongful detention, blackmail and extortion and pandemic. Safety concerns are a growing reality for today’s business and leisure traveler. Unlike most travel insurance, MedjetHorizon can respond as soon as a member feels uneasy; there is no need to wait for hard triggers, like government issued mandates or evacuation orders. 

Medjet memberships are available to residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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  • 45 day cookie period
  • Dedicated AM team to support your needs

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