Mashu is a luxury sustainable accessories label, based in London. Combining contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, Mashu creates beautifully constructed bags that feature vegan, sustainable and recyclable materials.


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30 Days


Mashu Affiliate Programme

Founded in 2017, Mashu is a luxury sustainable accessories label, based in London. Designed by Greek born Ioanna Topouzoglou, Mashu creates contemporary handbags using innovative fabrics and traditional craftsmanship to create beautifully constructed bags to be worn from day-to-night. Featuring vegan, sustainable and recyclable materials, the brand creates timeless handbags that remain stylish season after season.

Taking inspiration from nature, architecture and Ioanna's home country of Greece, the brand offers high quality handbags that marry a modern aesthetic with classic silhouettes.

Mashu focuses on creating stylish accessories that are considerate to the welfare of our planet. Each collection uses materials that push the boundaries of sustainability within design, including hemp and Pinatex - vegan leather made from pineapple leaves. To ensure customers have complete transparency on Mashu’s production process, each purchase includes scannable QR labels which will detail the bag’s production journey from start to finish.

By joining our affiliate programme, you are supporting Mashu in continuing to produce accessories that are more considerate to our planet, without compromising on style or quality. New and existing customers will earn a fixed 5% commission on all sales, and Mashu are open to reviewing commissions based on exposure and exclusivity.