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The Great Game Treasure Hunts

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The Great Game is a dynamic treasure hunt and boardgame design company and eCommerce business. We are looking for like-minded tour, travel, and general publishers to help us make lucrative sales that benefit us both and get our 5* products converting. :)

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United Kingdom


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30 Days

The Great Game Treasure Hunts Affiliate Programme

Here at the Great Game, we make brilliant 5-star games for adults and families. Both outdoor treasure hunt adventure games and games night board games can be played with family and friends on a rainy day or at Christmas. 

Our aim is to work collaboratively with you the partners to deliver products and commissions that are very lucrative and symbiotic for us both. We want to work with collaborators that will increase awareness of our brands and drive sales and phat commissions on our site. 

We give:

  • Great, scaleable commissions for new and returning customers. 
  • Our products convert and are desirable.
  • An easy-going, dynamic partner that works with you to help scale sales and enables you to do what you do best.

What we are looking for: 

  • Bloggers
  • Travel Sites and activities sites
  • Social media influencers
  • Vloggers
  • Creators
  • People who love games
  • Press, media or freelancers who want content to write about

​If this resonates with you then reach out and let's get talking! We are pretty flexible and excited to be working with like-minded people. :)

Reach out to Bryn on email, what's app or call: or 07921074218

Voucher & Cashback

To our voucher and cashback partners, we do not punish you with low commission rates, we instead want to invest in you and help you promote incentives that support a higher AOV. Please, respect our business by only promoting offers we communicate and do not bid on our terms.

A bit about us:

The Great Game has been making treasure hunts and experiences for over 5 years. We have 40 routes all over the country and have expanded into making online treasure hunts and Puzmat a puzzle mat board game of sorts. 

We are looking for partners to help us covert our 5-star products more and to make more sales. Our brand is synonymous with travel, exploration and general fun experiences for older children (12+) and adults. We can potentially offer you exclusive worded discount codes on request. Likewise, we can provide copy, content and advertising materials like videos and photos on request.