Garmentory is a one-stop shop for over 1,000 independent boutiques around the world. There has never been an easier way to support small, local businesses, and discover new emerging designers and trends that are ethically and sustainably manufactured.


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Garmentory (US) Affiliate Program

Garmentory is a one-stop shop for over 3,000 independent designers and boutiques around the world. Supporting small businesses has never been easier—with just a click of a button our customers can access 100,000+ unique and high-quality pieces, including sustainably manufactured clothing, accessories, home goods, and childrenswear. At Garmentory we believe in a lifestyle of fewer, better things—from handcrafted items to timeless vintage, our thoughtfully curated products will last for years to come.

Affiliate Program Highlights
5% commission rate
High average sale: $200
Free 3-day shipping on domestic orders over $100
Successful frequent “flash sales” generate up to a 30% increase in sales
Quick conversion window: 80% of customers make their first purchase within 14 days
$10 credit to first-time buyers
Fast and responsive top-rated customer service provided by Garmentory directly
All boutiques and designers are vetted and approved, ensuring shoppers receive quality, authentic goods

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