DNA health profiling looking at 1000 genetic areas, providing data and recommendations on 5 core health areas, 12 health insights across 300+ DNA reports. Discover and improve your Biological Age with Epigenetic tracking - monitor your gene expression.


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Muhdo Health Ltd Affiliate Programme

Muhdo began in 2016 as a genomics company specialising in DNA health and Epigenetics science. We pride ourselves on the mass personalisation of preventive healthcare through understanding your genetic makeup and putting in place long lasting and sustainable actions to improve your wellbeing. We are also the first company in the world to offer an epigenetic test direct to consumer. Your genes do not change, but you can affect your gene expression through your lifestyle and environment which is monitored through epigenetics. With periodic epigenetic tests we can allow customers to discover, improve and track their biological age over time and many other never-before-seen health aspects. 

Muhdo is a fast paced and concientious place of work, and we view our affiliates as a valuable part of our offering. Our Affiliate Programme offers great commission with period competitions and promotions along with exclusive rewards for top performing affiliates!

Why Muhdo?

  • Great commission rate
  • Fast growing market sector
  • In-house designer
  • Quick correspondence
  • Adaptable design and updated content
  • High AOV Sales

Muhdo Health Affiliate Programme Details

Commission -

20% - Sales of DNA Health/Transform Products

PPC Policy:- Affiliates must not bid on Muhdo Brand and related terms (including brand + voucher) and mis-spellings on any search engine. "Muhdo" must be added a s a negative search term to prevent affiliate text ads appearing in the search results.

Voucher Code Policy:- Please note that affiliates may only use voucher codes that are available through Muhdo Health affiliate programme, or those that have been issued directly by Optimus Performance Marketing or Affiliate Window. Where an affiliate is found promoting a code that has not been issued by Optimus Performance Marketing or Affiliate Window we reserve the right to decline commissions. Continued use of unauthorised codes will result in programme suspension.

Muhdo Health Ltd

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Business Development Director

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