We are CAFEPOD Coffee Co., an independent coffee company based in South West London. From the beans to the roast to the blend, we believe that making great coffee is about the craft, care and consideration we take at every stage.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

CAFEPOD Coffee Co. Affiliate Programme


CAFEPOD Coffee Co. - Craft Coffee - Established London 2011.

Coffee. Everywhere does it differently. But we love London’s way - it’s got creativity, passion and pushes the boundaries.

We're an independent business from South West London. We conceive and craft quality coffee for you to enjoy and to help you thrive in the hustle, the bustle and the daily grind.

From Nespresso Compatible to ground and beans, we craft strong, exciting coffee for adventurous coffee drinkers. Enjoy at home to help you stay at your sharpest. Always.



We pick beans that deliver intense and stronger espresso flavours.

What we do differently: Lower altitude growing regions produce more robust beans and we think these are perfect for darker, stronger coffees. We particularly love the powerful coffees from India, Central America, South America and Indonesia.



We choose slower, longer, darker roasts for perfect flavour and intensity.

What we do differently: We roast our beans darker, using drum roasters that heated the air underneath the beans for an even and smooth roast. Each one of our blends has an unique roast profile that is the culmination of 7 years of refinement.



Our blends create balanced and smooth tasting coffees from the aroma, body and mouthfeel to the aftertaste.

What we do differently: All our coffee blends have been developed by Q Graders, who are the true experts of the coffee industry. The Q Grader Programme is the coffee industry’s most recognised and coveted certification.



At CAFEPOD Coffee Co. we are always looking for new affiliates to join our programme and offers a range of creative, incentives and tools to aid your success:

  • A fantastic commission structure
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Competitive promotions updated on a regular basis
  • An average order value of £27.50
  • A conversion rate of 7.5%
  • Added value voucher codes
  • Creative banners & links to place across affiliate sites with custom banners available on request
  • Exclusive affiliate opportunities & special incentives and competitions based on publisher performance