UK-based wellbeing brand offering a range of beautiful products to build fulfilment and boost positivity on a daily basis


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

LSW Mind Cards Affiliate Programme

UK-based wellbeing store offering a range of beautiful products to build fulfilment and boost positivity on a daily basis. We operate in the wellbeing and mindfulness space. 

LSW London was created by Yorkshire-based therapist Lili Sinclair-Williams to make mindfulness and wellbeing more easily attainable in a simple and affordable way.

Our mission is to create beautiful, effective products to help our customers live their most authentic, fulfilled lives. As Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do”. If we all repeatedly do things which make us happy, what could that lead to?

All of our products are designed with this in mind. To help our customers live with intention, creating healthy habits each day which positively impact mental health, wellbeing and self care.

Who are we looking for?: 

We're open to working with all publishers with an interest in self care, wellbeing and/or mental health.

Why join our programme?:

- 30% commission 
- 30 days tracking 
- Low rate of returns 
- Increasingly popular sector

What products do we have?:

You can view our full product collection here - our full collection.

1) LSW Mind Cards (£9.99) - 45 individually designed cards presented in a beautiful lidded box, split across the following 5 categories: Gratitude, Kindness, Ritual, Journal and Reflection

2) LSW Mind Cards: Kids' Edition (£8.99) - LSW Mind Cards: Kids' Edition make it fun and easy for you to introduce the power of mindfulness, gratitude and affirmations, and help your child to keep calm, understand their feelings and focus on the present.

3) LSW Mind Cards: New Mum Edition (£9.99) - Becoming a new mum is an exciting time but can also be quite daunting and sometimes overwhelming. This set of cards offers a different tool or task each day to guide you in looking after yourself during the early stages of motherhood, reminding you to prioritise self care & self love.

4) LSW Mind Notes (£23.99) - LSW Mind Notes is a six-month undated daily wellbeing journal. This journal is designed to help you pinpoint thought and behaviour patterns, encourage the practice of gratitude and use weekly exercises to increase your sense of positive wellbeing for a more fulfilled life. 

5) LSW Morning Notes (£19.99) - LSW Morning Notes is a three-month undated daily wellbeing journal. This journal has been designed specifically for use in the morning, to help you start each day with a positive mindset and to encourage you to identify obstacles which you can utilise in a way that can benefit you.

6) LSW Wellbeing Bundle (£29.99) - An LSW Mind Notes journal and a pack of LSW Mind Cards

7) Sleep Well Collection (£10.00) - Get all five guided meditations for this amazing price to ensure you have everything you need to have the best night sleep you deserve.

8) A5 notebooks (£11.99) - Our beautiful A5 ruled notebooks are perfect for putting your thoughts to paper. Available in three colours: Mid Green, Stone and Mist, each notebook contains 192 pages of plain ruled paper with a premium gold debossed cover.

9) A5 bullet journals (£11.99) - Our beautiful bullet journals are perfect for organising your life in a fun and creative way.