We are the UK's largest tax refund company. We've obtained over 500,000 refunds to date for UK taxpayers. We are rated 5* Excellent on Trustpilot.


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Uniform Tax Rebate Affiliate Programme

We are the UK's largest tax refund company. We've obtained over 500,000 refunds to date for UK taxpayers. We have been trading since 2012 and we have become the most trusted service it the marketplace, all of our websites are rated 5* Excellent for customer satisfaction on Trustpilot.

We have an advanced bespoke system for claim which means a customer can submit a claim directly from our website in less than 2 minutes. The service can be used on desktop and mobile but it works particularly well on mobile devices and more than 80% of our customers submit their claim on a smartphone.

The service is offered on a no-refund no-fee basis so the customer does not have to pay anything unless they are entitled to a refund.

Uniform Tax Rebate

Uniform Tax Rebate ® is our most popular service and it's targeted at UK employees who wear a uniform at work. This market includes NHS and healthcare workers, policem officers, firefighters as well as any other group that wears uniform in line with HMRC's definition. This includes anyone who wears protective clothing such as hi-viz gear or even just a polo/t-shirt with the employer's logo on the outside.

Due to this broad definition of a uniform we estimate that around 1/3rd of the UK workforce could apply, roughly 13 million people.

This propensity of customer makes it easy to find conversions from a large traffic source of UK subscribers and we are interested in hearing from any advertisers who can supply large volume, all of which we can service.

In addition to this advertising to niche groups of targeted employees also performs extremely well, examples of audiences we would like to hear from:

  • Healthcare/NHS
  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • Flight attendants
  • Security industry
  • Kitchen staff
  • Manual/construction trades (and other hi-viz wearers)
  • Retail staff (and any group who wear employer logo etc.)

Uniform Tax Rebate also works well on employee benefits platforms as it provides a service that employees often ask payroll and HR departments or union representatives about.

Working From Home Tax Rebate

Employees working from home can claim an allowance for their costs. With working from home increasing due to COVID 19 this claim is now applicable to many people and employees who work from home can also claim through at the same rate as a regular conversion.