Trusted range of organic cotton period care and reusable menstrual cups. Delivered and available on subscription.

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TOTM Affiliate Programme

Help us spread the word- join our team of affiliates and earn up to 15% of basket!

We are not your average tampon brand. For a start, we make our products with organic cotton AND we provide an online subscription service.

We try to be informative and valuable as a brand to drive awareness of issues that impact women’s health. We believe women deserve to know more about the ingredients in the products they use.

We respect nature and are conscious of our environmental footprint. We use more sustainable materials in our products and packaging and do NOT test on animals.

But they’re not the only reasons why we are different. We don’t shy away from the word vagina and we do not represent periods in an insulting or negative way. For us, we feel we have a responsibility as a modern brand to educate, support and have a positive influence on people who engage with our products, our story and our mission.

We’ve started this affiliate scheme to reward those people who help us spread the word of sustainable period care and promote the benefits of switching.

A generous 15% (slightly less for voucher and cashback affiliates) is offered for every new customer, whether they choose to subscribe or place a one-off order. We are happy to discuss increasing this rate for our highest performing affiliates, as well as offering affiliate or customer giveaways.

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