Majestic specialises in selling brilliant wine. We believe wine – whether you’re buying it or selling it, and especially when you’re drinking it – should be full of fun.Order any 6 bottles to save at least 10% and get free standard delivery.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Majestic Wine Affiliate Programme

About Majestic

Majestic specialises in selling brilliant wine. We believe wine – whether you’re buying it or selling it, and especially when you’re drinking it – should be full of fun.

There are plenty of places where you can buy decent wine. What gets us really excited is interesting wine – the wines you taste that are just a little special. They’re difficult to find in the supermarkets but we’ve got hundreds of them for you to explore, and we don’t want you to pay over the odds to find them. Majestic makes interesting affordable, so everyone can enjoy it.

We live and breathe wine, and we taste our fair share too. We love to share our knowledge with people and help them to discover and explore new wines, and we always tell it straight. None of us could ever recommend a wine we didn’t believe in.

Naturally, we think experimenting with wines is a good idea. We’ve never fallen in love with a wine so much that we’d stop trying new ones. And it’s how we run our business. Majestic doesn’t stand still; we’re always trying new ideas and looking for the next big thing in wine. That’s how we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Majestic promotions:

Majestic does not supply coupon codes or exclusive offers. Instead, we publish non-exclusive promos every Tuesday on our latest offers page:

Our promotions typically last one or two weeks.

You can also see references to our thematic promotons on our homepage.

What you can earn

Majestic's unique offering helps keep conversions high and with an average order value of over £150 you can quickly earn good returns by featuring Majestic. Having won many awards for service, you can be sure customers will be well looked after.

We offer a commission of 4% for new customer sales and 1% for existing customer sales through our UK website.

Product Feed

Where possible please use the product feed when listing prices on your site. Majestic update their prices up to three times a day so please ensure you are displaying the most up-to-date prices at all times. Majestic cannot be held responsible for inaccurate prices advertised on affiliate sites.

Majestic USPs

Free Delivery/Click & Collect

Free standard delivery on orders over £99.

Free next day delivery on orders over £150.

No minimum order for free click and collect from one of our 200+ UK stores.

No Quibble Guarantee

Bought a wine, taken it home, opened it up, taken a sip, and….. Hated it. No problem. Simply take the bottle back to any Majestic store and swap it for another, or get a refund.

Free Glass and Chiller Bin Hire

Having a Party but don’t have enough glasses for all your guests? Not a problem. Majestic will loan you all the glasses you need for free. We even loan chiller bins to keep your wine cool throughout the evening.

Majestic Fine Wine

Majestic has an extensive range of fine and rare wines, including Bordeaux first growths with mature examples from sought after vintages. Alongside exclusive parcels of fine Burgundies and top quality wines from the rest of the world.

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- Commission - 4% for new Customers, 1% for Existing Customers
- 30 day cookie
- Frequent best seller updates
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