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Nuts Pick Affiliate Programme

Nuts Pick is an online store selling fresh roasted nuts, confectioneries and dried fruits from the factory to end customers. We aim to deliver the most premiume and highest quality nuts and dried fruits comparing to any other nuts sellers to our customers. Most of our products usully been prepared and roast after customers placed their orders. We've recived excelent reviews about our products. 

Our Products:

We have 7 main categories:
1- Raw Nuts: These raw nuts has been kept in their original cases since they packed from their origin.
2- Salted Nuts: Same fresh raw nuts been roasted and salted to perfection.
3- Unsalted Nuts: These nuts has been roasted in air roastery machains without any added salt or oil.
4- Honey Nuts: These nuts has been roasted with honey and sugar which made them amazing sweet and crunchy snacks
5- Savoury Nuts: Different seasoning spices some are classic like the smoked ones and other are different like truffle and smoked paprika.
6- Dried Fruits: High quality dried fruits been kept in their original boxes to impress customers with their quality.
7- Confectioneries: Best quality chocolates covered nuts and fruits recived a very good reviews.
8- Coffee: 100% Arabica single origins and amazing blends.

Average Order Value:
Our avaerage order value is: £30

We offerring 5% commision on sales Excluding wholesale orders which is not included in this offer.

* Free Delivery on orders over £12

We have established loyalty program where customers will be able to collect points from their purchases and then redeem these points in the website when they needed.