Empower is your Smart Financial Assistant that watches your money 24/7, helps you make smart financial decisions and look for savings.

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Empower was founded to democratize access to the best financial tools and prodcts. We are fed up with how the financial system is engineered to cater to the wealthy and nickle-and-dime everyday Americans. We wanted to bring the best technology available in self-driving car, applies it to personal finance, put it in an app and in your pocket so you can access the best advice for your money anytime, anywhere. 

The Empower app (iTunes, Google Play) does that by aggregating your financial accounts, including checking, savings, credit card, investment accounts, AND cryptocurrencies and turn a stream of confusing information into actionable advice for your money. We save users real money by advising them which bills they can negotiate, whether they should switch their insurance, or consolidate their debt. We only make money when you save. Our app also sends intelligent notifications to let you know if your bill has suddenly increased or if you seem to have missed a payment. We are the only app that auto-syncs with crypto exchanges, allowing users to track their cryptos across exchanges from their phone. Our app has been featured on Forbes, Time, CNBC, and Apple's New Apps We Love, and was the only finance app to be nominated for Product Hunt's Mobile App of the Year. Worried about security? Fret not. We use bank grade security, 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption and multifactor authentication, as well as Touch ID on iPhone.

Our company is funded by Sequoia Capital and our mission-driven team have spent many years in both technology and financial services, with a deep passion to reinvent finances for the everyday Americans.

We're looking to engage interested partner publishers in content-driven marketing campaigns that expand the reach of our app and bring in new users for the app.


- Ability to track their spending and where their money is coming from and going to by aggregating all your checking, savings, credit card, investment accounts across institutions.

- Simple, intuitive design that makes the app immediately useful without heavy-lifting customization. You are greeted with a graph that show you how much you've spent/made, compared to the budget you set for the month

- Free transfers between accounts making it easy to save money. Automate or do it on the go. 

- Track credit score and imrprove where you stand by never missing a bill, a fraudulent transaction and making smarter decisions with your money (consolidate debt, high interest savings account) 

- Notifications that keep users on top of their money on the go, alerting if bills have increased, if you may have missed a payment, etc. 

- Find you bills you can renegotiate (you only pay us a portion of savings when you successfully save)

- Surface subscriptions you are paying for 

- Help you understand how much money you're spending on expensive habits such as takeouts, Uber, alcohol & bars

- Find you the savings account with the highest interest rates in the nation

- Advise you whether you can save money by consolidating your debt

- Keep you on top of your credit utilization, a major factor in your credit score

User Sean J. says: "I love the app. Empower has helped me increase my credit score 40 points so far! I'm 31 years old and started getting credit cards in my early 20s. I soon maxed them all out and was $20k in debt. I spent 4 years paying most of it off, but had trouble opening a new account after. Then I found Empower. The app showed me not to use more than a certain % of each credit card and reminded me what needed to be paid when. Within months of using the app, my credit score has gone from 680 to 720! It's just a great app. Everything's right there. It's really simple to set up. I even told a couple of friends and they have it now, and like it. I'm actually looking for a house to rent-to-own and possibly to get a new car."

User Taylor C. says, "I've been looking for a personal finance app I like for years. I've tried a bunch, and I'm super happy with Empower. Last month, I saved about $400 more than I was expecting to. The focus of Empower is right where I want it to be. It's giving me more insight into where my money's going each month. It's super simple to view and categorize transactions and look at my spending. I'm six years out of college, have been managing my own finances during that time, and my goal is simply to make money and save money. Empower is definitely staying on my phone and I'm definitely using it every day."

User Courtney D. says: "I found Empower searching on the App Store and it's really helped me get on top of my money. I got married a year ago. Our primary focus is getting out of debt so we can plan for a house and having children. I have quite a few accounts, loans...everything. Empower gives me a really good overall picture of where we are financially right now. It's made me want to stop spending and set a budget for myself. I log in multiple times a day. Logging in definitely keeps me on track so I can not spend money on useless things and learn to save better. The app is keeping me in my place. I love the interface. It's easy to use. I could see myself using this for a long time. I've already recommended it to other people and hope to get my husband on the app!"

User Cameron B. says: "I really enjoy Empower. I think it's a fantastic app. Using Empower notified me of some abnormal spend. The entire spend someone blew threw on my AmExp was eight and a half thousand dollars! The app made it very obvious what was going on and labeled it very well. I thought, this is kind of weird. I continued to get a number of other charges in the next couple of days that were pretty weird. Someone paid off their veterans loan with my credit card. I'm Australian so it's clearly not possible for me to have the ability to do that. I canceled my AmExp. Empower is very powerful and is a really helpful app."

User Christina M. says: “I love your app. I’m very, very happy with it. You guys have helped me save—just this month—about $300 by not paying any fees. I used to go between accounts and get charged bounce fees because I’d think I had money in an account I didn’t. I also used to spend hours going over what I spent throughout the day. It was really inconvenient. Since using Empower, I haven’t had any bounce fees. Your app has given me consistency. And knowing where everything is is a big plus. I’m definitely more on top of things. I'm going to take $200 of the money I saved and pay to have my grandmother’s bible repaired. I've definitely recommended you to friends."

User Kaili says: "So I have a horrible spending problem and I'm very lucky bc my parents are getting ready to pay off 75% of my debt but I have to prove to them I won't go crazy with my finances... lol I sound like a kid I'm not! 32 yr old college grad professional female that spends entirely too much. This app shows me exactly how much debt I got myself into so I rethink every stupid purchase. It's like right in your face hey kaili you're this broke so stop spending! It has really helped. The categories are really helpful so I can see where all my money goes. The best part is... it's blonde friendly!!! I used to use MINT but it was just ok... this is way better. Ooh I know what would be cool if you could integrate some way to pull the ebills. I used to have an awesome app that did that but they shut down the app. I think it might have been called Manilla."

User Louis F. says: "First and foremost, the auto save started me on the right track by taking 5% from each paycheck that goes into my checking and puts it into a savings account automatically, as you're well aware by starting the program. I quickly learned that I could add more at the end of each week on my own and have done so.

By categorizing literally every purchase, I realized that my wife and I are spending on things that clearly aren't necessities. We've already cancelled several month subscriptions that we didn't realize we weren't even utilizing anymore once we saw them outlined in the Empower app. I was able to determine what we could cut out of our budget. I love that you can limit your spending by week or month at certain establishments (Starbucks for example). Not that it puts a freeze on your spending, but simply by being more aware of the transactions because of the monthly budgeted limit, it's given me the opportunity to allocate my funds differently.

In the one month I've been using it, it allowed me to figure out a plan to eliminate credit card debt and we are now well on our way to doing so. The day I downloaded the app, I said to myself, "Wow, so THIS is where all of our money goes," and immediately recognized that small changes could and needed to be made in order for my family and I to fire on all cylinders in a healthy financial way.

The app is ingenious and I find myself checking it multiple times per day to find where I can save that next buck and put it into a savings account for the future.

Again, thank you for your efforts with the Auto Save issue I'm having. It's greatly appreciated."

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