size? è una compagnia inglese, rivenditore premium di scarpe per appassionati di moda, amanti e collezionisti di sneakers. Gli affiliati riceveranno il 7% di commissione sugli articoli a prezzo pieno ed il 2% di commissione sugli articoli scontati.


Periodo di attribuzione (durata cookie)

30 Giorni


Commission Rates – JD Group



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  1. Commission is calculated as a percentage of the price (as set out above) at which the product is sold and excludes VAT or any other tax, duties or surcharges and any postage and packaging fees.
  2. We do not pay commission on the following products:
    1. gift cards;
    2. discount cards;
    3. loyalty and/or membership schemes;
    4. Yeezy and Jordan products;
    5. products purchased or won via prize draws and/or competitions;
    6. selected launch products as communicated via AWIN messaging centre;
    7. products fulfilled by our brand partners (see the respective website for details);
    8. products purchased via an app;