Lookfantastic PT é líder mundial em beleza com mais de 400 marcas, incluindo Redken, Clinique e ghd. Oferecendo entrega gratuita, caixa de beleza com assinatura mensal e líder de preços de mercado, Lookfantastic é o destino para todas as coisas de beleza.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

LOOKFANTASTIC PT Affiliate Programme

LOOKFANTASTIC is the online store for all your beauty desires, owned by one of the world's leading beauty and wellness e-commerce companies. LOOKFANTASITC has more than 660 brands - including Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, Estée Lauder and Kérastase - offering the best beauty products, new brands and exclusive products.

For affiliate questions, please contact

 INSTAGRAM- @lookfantastic_pt

Why should you participate in our program?

Exclusive discounts and promotions for our affiliates, shared through regular affiliate newsletters

Competitive prices for customers with added value through savings and offers

Mobile website optimized so that affiliate sales can be measured via mobile phone. Please see the Banners and Links section for Mobile Creative.

Cookie duration of 30 days


Standard Commission Rates

The commission varies depending on the type of publisher for new and existing sales. See the table below for more details.

Publisher Group & Standard Commission Rates:

  • Content & Influencers : 5% New & 2% Existing
  • Cashback : 1% Flat
  • Discount Codes & Deals : 1% Flat
  • Browser Extension & Soft Click : 1% Flat
  • UGC & Communities : 1% Flat
  • Loyalty & Employee Benefits : 1% Flat
  • Other (Rest of Programme) : 1% Flat
  • 1% - Electronic products
  • 1% - LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box – all subscriptions and limited editions

Commissions are not paid on the costs of delivering or selling gift cards.

The commission structure allows LOOKFANTASTIC to offer a higher commission to affiliates for greater exposure.

 CSS Affiliates

We work exclusively with several CSS partners. Any new CSS partner entering the program must have approval from LOOKFANTASTIC before starting to share, otherwise the commission may be declined and the candidate may be suspended from the program. 

Make sure you only use the Awin feed. 

Validation Period

The Hut Group validates in line with its 30-day returns policy. The lookback window is 31 days. Commissions will be confirmed after this period, depending on the status of the order. Please note that this differs for LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box subscriptions (3, 6 and 12 months). These commissions will be valid 3 months after purchasing the subscription, due to an extended cancellation period.


*Bids on LOOKFANASTC PPC are not permitted on the account unless authorized by a member of The Hut Group or Awin