We believe everything starts with your domain - it's your gateway to getting online. Use our quick and easy domain search tool to get you started. We also offer web hosting, email hosting plans, website builders, ecommerce solutions and much more..


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days


How to promote, as an affiliate…

A bit about us… was established back in 1996 and has gone from strength to strength by adhering to core values:

• Fair pricing on all products.
• Automated systems to give the user ultimate control.
• High quality products, often picking up awards.
• But most importantly highly trained, knowledgeable staff.

Our products offer solutions for all people from basic home users to bespoke solutions for major corporations.

What products do we sell?

Hosting – 

Email hosting, WordPress hosting, Web hosting and much more!

Domain Names

- Hundreds of domain suffix’s - Full DNS control - Free web page maker - Unlimited web forwarding
- Free Email account - Unlimited Email forwarding

Affiliate commission £10.00 on every domain registration by a new customer (higher commission negotiable for prominent positioning of offers)

What support do we offer our affiliates?

We have loads of great resources and campaign ideas to help you on your way, from banners to fully optimised landing pages (no telephone or site leakage) to product reviews ...etc

Also if there is anything specific you want just shout!

How much money can I expect to earn?

It's simple if a new customer buys any of our products you earn commission!

Sell any product over the price of 1p to a new customer and you can get up to £90 commission (higher commission negotiable for prominent positioning of offers, just drop me an email).
Commission paid on first purchase (one transaction) by new customer only.
90 day cookie

So how can I promote

You're the experts! but just in case you are running low on ideas we have lots of campaign and promotion ideas with banners, landing pages, emails templates and even PPC keyword campaigns.

We just ask one thing, please don't bid on our brand!

Have fun and if you need ANYthing just ask :)