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Influencers & Social Media

As a publisher, you are obliged to make it clear for consumers when your content contains advertising material. As an approved Awin Publisher you have agreed to follow local laws and standards as stipulated in section 9.2.4 and 9.2.5 of the publisher terms and conditions.

Recommendations listed by other industry sources within the Nordic region include the following:

  • You should make it clear in the top of your post (blog or social media) that the post includes advertisement
  • You may choose to use different fonts in order to highlight that the post includes advertisement
  • You may choose to use a specific background formatting in order to highlight a post including advertisement

We strongly urge you to read up on this topic to make sure that you are following the latest laws and standards as it is your responsibility to adhere to them.

Google Shopping Publishers
Please be advised CSS Google Shopping activity can only be run with specific written permission from Bravofly or the Awin account manager. If it is run without this permission, any sales tracked might be rejected.