Cofidis, spécialiste du crédit a la consommation, est une entreprise résolument tournée vers ces clients. COFIDIS, specialist van het Consumentenkrediet, richt zich als dynamische onderneming resoluut naar de klant.

Primary Region



Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Terms and Conditions

Email marketing:
Allowed, but only after approval of the account manager and on certain dates. Please upload your preview tin the email approval tool.

For email campaigns contact


No incentive on the lead.

In this programme it is not allowed to send traffic generated through any kind of software, adware, spyware and/or malware.


The following terms apply for email partners of this program:

- Any email in which a loan or credit product is advertised should be accompanied by the warning:

  BENL: “Geld Lenen Kost Geld”

  Also see:

  BEFR: « Emprunter de l’argent coûte de l’argent »

  Also see :

- The publisher accepts that generated leads may be rejected retrospectively because of budget restrictions.

  To prevent disappointment please consult to ask for any capping that may apply. 

- The publisher accepts that any last minute refusal of an email shoot does not warrant compensation for loss of income

- The publisher commits to providing the actual email that was sent out to a specific person or email address

- The publisher commits to excluding a certain person or email address from any future shoots upon request of the advertiser