Vision Direct is the first company to break the monopoly on contact lenses by selling direct to the customer in 1998. By doing so prices are up to 42% cheaper on most leading contact lens brand names when compared to high street opticians


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


  1. Commission will only be paid on approved sales 
  2. 8% CPA on new customer
  3. Existing customers using discount codes will be declined 
  4. We do not allow affiliates to bid on Google AdWords
  5. We will only pay commission on orders where authorised coupon codes are used
  6. Cashback websites are prohibited from promoting coupon codes.
  7. Please always refer to rather than just Vision Direct on all of your website communications e.g. offers, site info. This is to stop any confusion between and the .com domain which is a completely separate company not owned by us.
  8. Affiliates are Prohibited from promoting the following codes:






Refer a Friend Coupon 

Affiliates who are found breaking our terms and conditions may have their commissions set to zero and risk being suspended from the programme